Blueprint to close Australia’s digital divide

Our recommendations on how we can work together to close Australia's digital divide for all, for good.

Everyone in Australia has the right to affordable access to technology and the skills and confidence to use it.

1 in 4 Australians do not have the essential digital skills or affordable access to digital devices they need to keep up in today’s society. This can have a huge impact on a person’s life — from poorer health outcomes and employment prospects, to increased social isolation and risk of exacerbating existing poverty and inequality.

What is the digital divide?

What the digital divide is and how it is impacting thousands of Australians everyday.


As government services move increasingly online and Australia transitions to a digital economy, we need to make sure no one is left behind. To prevent widening social inequality and create an inclusive society, we must work together to close the digital divide.

The digital divide is a social issue that can be solved.

Our calls to action

To achieve this, we must focus on three digital inclusion priorities:

1. Community-led digital skills support for everyone Not everyone in Australia has the access and digital skills they need to fully participate in society - but together, we can change this.

2. Creation of a national digital inclusion strategy A world-leading digital economy requires 100% digital inclusion, and that requires a coordinated national Digital Inclusion Strategy.

Hands holding a device

3. Affordable access to digital devices and data for all Making sure all Australians can affordably access the internet and devices is crucial to closing the digital divide.