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Meet the team

Helen Milner - Chief Executive

Helen’s job is to keep all of the plates spinning! She’s both hands-off - planning for an ambitious future - and hands-on - motivating the team and our partners in Australia to do the best they possibly can. She’s passionate about helping people to get the most out of the web and all of the opportunities it brings. She loves talking to the people in local communities who make it all come together, and to the wonderful people who have taken the plunge to do something different and digital with their lives.

Jess Wilson - National Director

Jess leads the work that Good Things Foundation does in Australia through building a network. Her focus is on building a network of organisations that are all intent on improving people's lives through digital. She ensures the Network is adding capacity and support into organisations that are already doing great work with people and helping them to do their best work, but also learning from them about what is needed, what works and what more the Network can do.

Sharmila Sivalingam - Head of Network

Sharmila is the Head of Network at Good Things Foundation. Within this capacity, she focuses on building and supporting our network of organisations dedicated to digital inclusion. She aims to see the network and Good Things Foundation grow through shared experiences, dialogue and knowledge.

Dur-e-Shahwar Bilal - Network Coordinator

Dur-e-Shahwar (DS for short) is the eyes and ears of the Network, her role is to liaise with current Network Partners, potential partners and learners. By making these connections DS is able to identify how the vision of the program is translating into reality and how is it affecting the people we are trying to reach.

Vanessa Kirby - Network Specialist (Australia)

Vanessa is currently on a secondment from her role in the UK to set up the Good Things Foundation Australia office. She has been reaching out to organisations that provide digital inclusion support to spread the word about the new Be Connected program and to find out how they support people getting online.

Robert Sollars - Network Coordinator

Robert’s role is to engage with small and large organisations that would like to become part of the Be Connected Network. Robert thrives on developing these relationships with Network Partners and enjoys helping people that need it the most.