Jean Watson

13 Sep 2019

Jean Watson, 83, is a retired high school, college and university teacher living in a retirement village at Hastings Point, Northern NSW.

An accomplished writer, Jean has published educational books and two novels, and writes poetry regularly. She also performs in plays, some of which she has written herself. Jean started realising the benefits of technology when she began writing her second novel.

“When I wrote my first novel, it was based on weeks of study in the field and even more time reading books on the topic. But, when I started to write the second novel (a sequel) it involved research sitting comfortably at my laptop. The whole process was much quicker and took less effort. Now I use Google to check spelling, answer crossword puzzles (cheating!) and for any information which I previously looked up in reference books.”

This knowledge has been supported by taking one-on-one technology classes at Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre. Now, Jean is an advocate for embracing technology and realising all the positive benefits that the internet can bring.

“My advice to others - especially seniors - is to take the plunge and overcome any resistance to computers. You will soon find it impossible to do all you want to do without a computer. These machines are here to stay and if you don’t accept that you will be left behind, perhaps unable to book tickets for travel, the theatre, even for shopping. There is no need to be afraid. You don't have to become an expert overnight. All you need to do is find someone who will gently show you the basics.”