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Azalea Evans

Azalea is an avid gardener and began her online journey to learn more about wildflowers on the internet.

By Good Things Foundation Australia · 11/09/2018

Azalea Evans, an avid gardener (with a very fitting name!) loves spending time outside tending to her many flowers and plants. She never really found a reason to get online until she heard that the NBN was rolling out on her street. Not wanting to get left behind, Azalea decided it was time to give it a go.

“I never really wanted to try out computers, as I didn’t feel a need and I never had the time to try. I didn’t retire until I was 73,” says Azalea.

With her new internet connection and tablet, the next step was to find some lessons on how to use it. Azalea noticed they were offering free digital skills lessons at Lockyer Community Centre, and has since realised getting online means she can learn even more about her favourite topics – wildflowers and gardening.

“I’m not one to post photos or go on social media, but plants are my life and I love that I can type in the name of a plant and find out all this information. I love gardening and researching things about it, so the internet helps me do this.”

Azalea’s taking it one day at a time, and learning about topics relevant to her interests. She says, “I don’t sit and play with it day after day. Right now, watering my garden and getting ready for spring’s my main priority. Once I can’t physically work outside, then I’ll be keen to learn more online.”