Digital Sisters AI for Good consultation and roundtable

We have been working on the consultation process for this program and we hosted a roundtable. Learn more about how this process have been and some key findings so far.

On 15 May, with Microsoft and Telstra, we hosted a roundtable to discuss some of the key findings on the Digital Sisters AI for Good consultation process. Our focus was on identifying how we can help migrant and refugee women benefit from AI and new technologies.

Have a look at some photos of that day.

Participants at the roundtable
Attendees to the roundtable
Participants at the Roundtable
Christy Ditchburn from Telstra, Jess Wilson CEO of Good Things Foundation and Tim Allen from Microsoft.

Throughout the consultation, we have spoken with experts, academics, community organisations, and government representatives to find some common points in how we can use AI to close the digital divide, the biggest challenges we are facing and how we can make sure these new technologies don’t have a negative impact on digital inclusion. 

Since February, we have engaged with over 30 of our Network Partners from across Australia. We’ve talked to academics from various universities and institutions, government entities such as CSIRO and eSafety, more than 10 non-profit organisations, and members of the corporate sector. 

The May roundtable was a crucial part of our consultation process. It was a real pleasure to bring leaders from across sectors together to understand and learn more about AI, AI literacy and how we can use this new technology to close the digital divide in Australia. 

We want to extend a big thank you to everyone who has been involved in the consultation and roundtable. The conversations have been critical in helping us learn more and find common ground on how we can use AI to close the digital divide for good.

Check out this video of our CEO, Jess Wilson, sharing more details about the consultation and some of the key findings so far. 

The full report about the findings of this process will be available in July. Stay tuned! 

What have we been doing?

Over the last few months, we’ve been talking to people from the community, people that are participating in our Digital Sisters program academics, people in industry and tech companies, academia and government to find out what people really think about what AI is what AI Literacy is and how it can support people to improve their digital inclusion or whether is actually going to exacerbate it.

Some findings from our consultations so far

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