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Expanding Digital Health

A summary of our virtual roundtable events that are supporting Australia to close the digital health divide.

By Good Things Foundation Australia · 16/02/2021

The digital health divide is a critical equity issue in the rapid expansion of digital technology in our health system. With 2.5 million people not online in Australia, the digital health divide means that vulnerable populations are at risk of being further marginalised through poor access to health services.

Expanding Digital Health is a series of virtual roundtable events bringing together consumers, practitioners, academics and policymakers working to close the digital health divide.

The first two roundtables in the series were held in 2020 and aimed to draw together Australian digital health research and experience to develop effective policy interventions to close the divide across the country.

The project was led by a partnership between The Australian National University and Good Things Foundation Australia. While the Expanding Digital Health series continues in 2021, the consensus achieved by participants in the first two roundtables was clear: multiple solutions are needed to realise the potential of digital health for all Australians.