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Federal Pre-Budget Submission 2022/2023

We have four key recommendations for the Australian Government to address in the 22/23 Federal Budget.

By Good Things Foundation Australia · 09/02/2022

Pre-budget submission 2022-2023

The digital divide remains a significant issue in Australia. The rapid pace of digitisation as well as the emerging and transformative digital economy risks further widening the gap between those with and without digital skills.

Now is an essential time to work together to close the digital divide for all, for good. We have four recommendations for the Australian Government to address in the upcoming Federal Budget.

Our recommendations:

  1. Provide funding for community-based essential digital skills programs to ensure all Australian adults are work-ready for the new economy.
  2. Extend community education programs so all Australians have the skills to adopt telehealth and digital health initiatives.
  3. Establish digital media literacy programs targeting adults with low digital capability to reduce online harms and prepare for emergencies.
  4. Ensure everyone has an affordable internet connection at home and an appropriate digital device to use it