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Good Things Foundation Australia 2020/21 Annual Report

In the last year, our focus on fixing the digital divide has never been more important.

By Good Things Foundation Australia · 07/12/2021

Front cover of Good Things Foundation Australia 2020/21 Annual Report.This past year has highlighted how vital it is for everyone to have affordable access to digital technology and the skills and confidence to use it. The introduction of online vaccine bookings and digital certificates, increased remote working and learning, and restrictions on in-person gatherings means those who are digitally excluded face greater barriers to participating fully in society.

By working together with our network of community organisations, government, funding partners and collaborators, this year we have continued to help narrow the digital divide through the piloting of new digital inclusion programs, the introduction of loan digital devices grants, and the further development and support of our community-based Network Partners.

Download and read our full annual report using the link below.