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Kim Hassan

Kim, along with members at the Hampton Park Turkish Seniors Club, is keeping in touch with family and friends overseas.

By Good Things Foundation Australia · 09/10/2018

Kim Hassan is the coordinator of the Hampton Park Turkish Seniors and has experienced first hand how learning digital skills can improve people’s lives.

Kim, along with all of the women at the club, have families overseas in Turkey. Most of the members have limited or completely lost contact with many members of their family. As long-distance calling can get quite expensive, they were all open to a new way to keep in touch with family and friends.

Since the introduction of Be Connected digital skills classes at her club, Kim says everyone is thrilled with their new ways of communicating online.

“Since getting online, we’re able to send and receive photos from our families who we haven’t seen in years,” says Kim.

Another advocate of getting online is Lina Hassan. She came to Australia in 1986 from Tripoli, Lebanon. “The early days were very difficult when I came to Australia as a migrant. I didn’t speak the language and had to study English.”

Lina finds that learning digital skills is helping to further her proficiency in English.

“Using the internet became a bridge to help me cross many barriers. The internet can give you access to a whole world of information and helps you find whatever you are looking for.”