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Lan Ngoc Chau – Get Online Week

Thanks to her new digital skills, Lan Ngoc Chau is now confidently searching for reliable information during the pandemic.

By Good Things Foundation Australia · 25/09/2020

Originally from Vietnam and now living in Bankstown NSW, Lan Ngoc Chau wanted to learn how to use technology and social media to keep in touch with her friends and family back in Vietnam.

“I really wanted to learn how to get online and gain technology skills. Last year, I started using Be Connected with a bilingual Vietnamese tutor from Ethnic Communities’ Council NSW. After a few sessions with her, I found the website was very easy to follow. Now I can keep practising and learning on my own – anywhere and anytime I want.”

Lan can now confidently search on Google and navigate her way around various sites online.

“I have learnt how to use social media, how to do online banking and online shopping, and how to download apps and other useful information on my mobile phone.”

She is especially appreciative of her new-found digital skills amidst the current pandemic.

“I am grateful that I now know how to search news and websites in this COVID pandemic. I strongly recommend that everyone learns how to use the internet. It helps our mental health and wellbeing because we can be connected rather than isolated. If I did not know how to search news updates, exercise through YouTube or connect to my friends and communities via Facebook and Viber, it would have been much more difficult for me.”

Lan believes that now is the time to get online.

“We cannot delay any longer. I personally know many people my age that are staying at home these days and get lethargic inside their house. I hope that sharing my story today will help a lot of seniors to understand how important it is to learn how to be connected by learning online skills and knowledge.”


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