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National Digital Health Strategy consultation submission

Our submission for all to benefit from digital health.

By Good Things Foundation Australia · 29/11/2021

Cover page of submission reading: Good Things Foundation Australia submission & recommendations National Digital Health Strategy Good Things Foundation Australia submission, November 2021.We recently made a submission to the Australian Digital Health Agency’s National Digital Health Strategy consultation. In our submission we highlight the need for a national digital health strategy which takes into consideration Australia’s digitally-excluded population and works within the context of broader, nationally-coordinated digital inclusion strategies.

Our key recommendations include:

  • The National Digital Health Strategy needs to be developed in the context of a national, coordinated digital inclusion strategy
  • Targeted and funded health-specific digital inclusion initiatives are needed to realise the full potential of digital health in Australia
  • Community education programs, like Health My Way, need to be extended so all Australians have the skills to adopt telehealth and digital health initiatives, and find reliable health information online
  • Consideration for the high-priority recommendations from the Expanding Digital Health roundtable series. From these recommendations it is clear that multiple solutions are necessary to realise the potential of digital health for all Australians.

Download our full submission below.