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Neil Imlach – Get Online Week

Everything Neil has learned about technology, he's learned since retirement.

By Good Things Foundation Australia · 09/10/2020

Neil Imlach was born in Moorabbin, Victoria in 1930 when things were a little different.

“Moorabbin in those days was a semi-rural area and when I was in school we didn’t have laptops or tablets, but a simple slate and pencil,” says Neil. “And if you don’t know what that is, you can ask Siri,” he jokes.

Neil held many jobs in the building and construction industry before retiring in 2000.

“Technology never really made its way into my industry while I was there. I later took a job involved in finance and sales and then I got a basic introduction to it. But everything else I’ve learned about technology I’ve learned since retirement.”

Now, Neil helps out with the technology classes at Elwood & St Kilda Learning Centre and encourages other seniors to get connected online.

“It’s great for the older generation who haven’t had the opportunity in schooling to be introduced to tech. They are at a disadvantage if they are not online. And if they don’t jump on board soon, they will get left behind.”

He believes everyone has the capability to learn to get online, they just have to give it a go.

“You learned how to navigate with paper maps when driving, and use telephone books to find people’s names and numbers and addresses. Now you just have to take the next step to make it even easier by just asking Siri or Googling it. Why not take advantage of what’s in front of you?”


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