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Reporting positive RAT results online

Find out where you can self-report a positive Rapid Antigen Test online.

By Good Things Foundation Australia · 13/01/2022

Mobile phone and positive Rapid Antigen Test.

Many people are using Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) to self-test for COVID-19 at home. With some states and territories announcing positive RAT results must be reported via online forms, it’s important to know your requirements and the process to report online.

Where to self report

Below are a number of government resources for each state with information and tips on reporting a positive RAT result. Please note that the information and links listed on this page may change at any time.

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory information for positive results

Australian Capital Territory online reporting form

Northern Territory

Northern Territory requirements and online reporting form

New South Wales

New South Wales requirements, instructions and online reporting form


Queensland requirements and online reporting form

South Australia

South Australia information on Rapid Antigen Testing

South Australia online reporting form


Tasmania information for positive results

Tasmania online reporting form


Victoria requirements, instructions and online reporting form

Western Australia

As of time of writing, Western Australia has not introduced self-reporting for positive RAT results. This may be subject to change.


  • Requirements, health advice and links on this page are subject to change suddenly and without warning. Information on this page current as of 3PM AEDT 13 January 2022.

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