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Valerie & Lindsay Davis

Val & Lindsay are learning digital skills to support each other and stay involved in their community.

By Good Things Foundation Australia · 21/09/2018

Valerie and Lindsay Davis are learning new skills and supporting each other through their digital literacy classes at Lockyer Community Centre.

Valerie and Lindsay Davis have been married for 56 years. “I met my husband Lindsay when I was a young girl on the farm, after I opened a gate for him,” says Val, 77. After a long career working together in the recycling industry, they’re now both enjoying their retirement.

Val has Parkinson’s disease and decided to begin her online journey when her local Parkinson’s support group was looking for a secretary. Since Lindsay is the group Coordinator, he thought gaining digital skills would benefit him, too. “I’m just wanting to keep up with my wife, Val, and help her out,” says Lindsay. “Plus, I’ve been having a go at learning a lot about Parkinson’s disease online which helps me care for my wife, and my work with the support group,” adds Lindsay.

Since taking digital literacy classes at Lockyer Community Centre, Val has created a Facebook profile to reconnect with family members she’s lost contact with. “I am getting to know them and keeping up to date with how everyone is.” Next on the list is adding and organising photos on her computer. “My family have shown me but they go so quickly and I can’t keep up as they do it so fast, then I struggle to remember how to do things.”

With the support of her Digital Mentor, Tracey, she’s taking it one step at a time with the addition of positive reinforcement. “I am slowly learning more. Plus, I’m beginning to learn how to play a few new games so that keeps me busy and my mind active,” Val adds.

Lindsay’s learning a few new things, too. “I’ve learned how to get onto the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) site and keep eye on the weather which is really handy. Plus, I like to sometimes have a go at playing games on the computer.”

Whether you’re learning digital skills to start a new venture, support a loved one, or keep your mind active, both Val and Lindsay have some advice for you: “Just get in and have a go. If we can do it, anybody can.”