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Our Work

Digital inclusion is key to Good Things Foundation’s work helping socially disadvantaged people transform their lives

We make a real impact by working with partners, engaging people through local support and ultimately transforming people’s lives through digital.

Our local network of partners in Australia engage people with community-based learning, offering digital skills as part of a package of support based on an individual’s need.

Digitally excluded people lack a voice and visibility in the modern world, as government services and democracy increasingly move online.

What’s more, it’s those already at a disadvantage - through age, education, income, disability, or unemployment - who are most likely to be missing out, further widening the social inequality gap.

We work hard to improve digital capability for all, because we believe that everyone can enjoy a greater quality of life and wellbeing through digital.

3 million people in Australia don’t have the basic digital skills they need to thrive in today’s world. How much are they missing out on?


The Be Connected Network is made up of community organisations supporting older Australians to overcome social challenges and improve their lives through digital.

There are over 1,300 Network Partners across Australia, from rural Western Australia to metropolitan Sydney. They range from libraries to Men's Sheds, community centres to retirement villages, and computer clubs to cultural groups. One thing they have in common is their commitment to provide people over 50 with the skills and confidence they need to thrive in a digital world.

A friendly face and non-judgemental support are always available when you walk through the door at any community organisation in the Be Connected Network.

Good Things Foundation coordinates the Be Connected Network. We join the dots between community organisations to ensure no one gets left behind.

Together we create a large-scale platform for social change, and help older Australians be connected.