The digital divide

1 in 4 people in Australia are digitally excluded, putting them at risk of being left behind in our digital world.

Digital inclusion is a social issue

Digital inclusion means ensuring people can use the internet and technology to improve their daily lives. This is not just a tech issue. Digital inclusion is about enabling access to everything the digital world has to offer to ensure no one is left behind.

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) shows that while digital inclusion is slowly increasing across Australia, there remains a substantial digital divide in Australia.

1 in 4 people in Australia are still digitally excluded (ADII, 2021). People with low levels of income, education and employment, those living in some regional areas, people aged over 65 and people with a disability are at particular risk of being left behind.

Everyone in Australia has the right to affordable access to digital technology and the skills and confidence to use it.

We believe that digital technology can support equality of opportunity and ensures everyone can fully participate in today’s society. That’s why we work every day to bridge the digital divide.

What is the digital divide?

1 in 4 people are digitally excluded (ADII, 2021)

less than 40% of Australians feel they can keep up with rapid changes in technology (ADII, 2020)

Affordable access & ability are needed to cross the digital divide (ADII 2021)


Digital Nation 2021

Digital Nation Australia 2021 brings together the latest research and insights from government, community and academia to help build understanding of the digital inclusion landscape in Australia and inform initiatives that could close the digital divide for all.

"I hope that sharing my story will help others understand how important it is to learn online skills and knowledge.”