Digital inclusion for people with disability

People with disability in Australia are more at risk of being left behind in the digital world.

People with disability in Australia are at greater risk of not having the skills, support and affordable access they need to be safe and confident online.

Since 2014, the rate of digital inclusion for Australians with disability has changed very little. The Human Rights Commission describes digital exclusion for people with disability being due to multiple interlinking factors: lack of internet access, the high cost of assistive technology, digital ability, and socio-economic factors.

Research has shown that people with disability use digital and social media less than people without a disability in Australia. People with disability are also more likely to experience online safety issues such as cyber-bullying, harassment, image-based abuse and technology facilitated abuse.

For people living with disability, there is an additional barrier to digital access beyond an affordable internet connection – the technical accessibility of websites and apps. This can create barriers for people being able to communicate and equally access information online.

Additional, tailored supports and resources are needed for some people with disability to participate equally in the digital world.

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01/02/2022 · Announcements

Good Things Foundation Australia named auDA Foundation 2021 Grant Program recipient

Funding to help close the digital divide for young people with intellectual disabilities.


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