Our team

We believe that digital technology can support equality of opportunity, and ensure everyone can participate fully in today's society.

Image of Jess Wilson

Jess Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Jess leads the work that Good Things Foundation does in Australia. She supports the team, connects with local, state, national and international stakeholders and most importantly ensures that we are building a strong, collaborative and supported network of great community organisations across the country. Jess is a community worker at heart and has lived in three states of Australia, so she loves travelling to all the different parts of this wide-brown land to meet people doing great work in their communities. She ensures that the Good Things Foundation team is providing high-quality support to our Network Partners and knows that to do that, we need to be constantly listening, learning and improving.

Image of Helen Milner

Helen Milner

Group CEO

Helen’s job is to keep all of the plates spinning! She’s both hands-off - planning for an ambitious future - and hands-on - motivating the team and our partners in Australia to do the best they possibly can. She’s passionate about helping people to get the most out of the web and all of the opportunities it brings. She loves talking to the people in local communities who make it all come together, and to the wonderful people who have taken the plunge to do something different and digital with their lives.

Linda Berrigan

Director of Brand and Storytelling

Linda is a brand, marketing and communications specialist with experience across not for profit, government and corporate organisations in both Australia and the UK. An inspirational leader, skilled strategic thinker, experienced stakeholder manager and marketing specialist, Linda is passionate about tackling social inequality and driving positive social impact through innovative campaigning, communication and advocacy.

Image of Zena Hosseini

Zena Hosseini

Head of Growth and Operations

Zena's role is to ensure the organisation's internal systems, tools and processes are in place, available and efficient, to support the broader team in service delivery. She has oversight of Finance, Human Resources, Digital and Technology, Legal, Compliance, Insurances, Administration and Project Management aspects of the organisation.

When not creating plans and checklists or gushing over colourful Monday.com boards, Zena can be found studying human anatomy, reading on stars and planets or staring at artworks trying to understand how they were created.

john hurley profile

John Hurley

Cass photo

Cass Strakosch

Head of Engagement & Learning

Having worked in the Australian not-for-profit sector for over ten years, Cass mobilises community organisations across Australia to help close the digital divide and finds opportunities to share our knowledge and tell real stories of what being digitally included means to people.

Dannielle Meredith

Community Learning & Development Manager

Danni Meredith is an experienced and highly motivated educator with a strong background in health, who has enjoyed a variety of training and educational roles within the Vocational Education and Not for Profit sectors since 2004. She enjoys working collaboratively with teams internally and externally to build collegial relationships.

Florencia Calderon

Communications and engagement Coordinator

Flo brings seven years of experience in communications and marketing and is a specialist in 'spread the word' and will be working on letting all our Network Partners and Stakeholders know what we are doing, our grants opportunities, programs and the impact of Good Thing Foundation.
Flo is also passionate about sustainability, nature, migration and her podcast 'Cachai Australia'.

Natasja de Gouveia Brazao

Community Learning Development Coordinator

Natasja de Gouveia Brazao is an experienced and highly motivated educator with a strong background in IT and the not for profit sector, who has enjoyed a variety of training and educational roles within the Vocational Education and Not for Profit sectors since 2006.

Before starting at Good Things, Natasja was trained as a Lead Digital Mentor through the Be Connected Capacity Building project. She continues to enjoy making a difference for digitally excluded people.

Image of Dur-e-Shahwar Bilal

Dur-e-Shahwar Bilal

Network Support Manager

Dur-e-Shahwar (we call her DS) is the eyes and ears of the network. She regularly liaises with network partners, potential partners and learners. DS enjoys being able to connect and talk to the beneficiaries of the program because she gets to see how the vision of the program is translating into reality and how it's affecting the target audience. "Technology has taken over every part of our lives. Everyone should be able to enjoy and access facilities, services and benefits equally."

Kristin Sonk

Helpline Operator

Kristin brings her warm energy to our support phone line. She loves talking to people interested in learning about getting online and supporting our Network of community partners to get the most out of our digital skills programs.

Image of Roupen Manjikian

Roupen Manjikian

Grants Manager

Roupen is responsible for optimising the grants administration processes of the Be Connected grant program. Roupen has worked in grants management for over 15 years and thoroughly enjoys working with local community-based organisations. "I'm excited to be part of the Be Connected program and feel it's a vital part in ensuring older Australians are not left behind in this digital evolution."

Neelam Dobhal

Grants Coordinator

With 16 years of nonprofit experience across India, PNG, and Cambodia, she's a skilled development professional. Neelam has handled significant grants from agencies like DFAT, USAID, and FCDO, managing projects focussed on Life Cycle Oriented and Community Development, especially for women, children, and youth. She is a strategic thinker with experience in partnerships on the ground, collaborating closely with the Grants Manager and the Network team to ensure impactful grants. From application to payment to performance, Neelam is the bridge between network partners and successful grants, connecting and navigating requirements effectively.

Our Values

We’re positive

It’s not a sin to be ambitious. We’re set on creating change through digital and the 2 million people we intend to help by 2020 is just the start.

We’re collaborative

Good partnerships are key to what we do. We love to share our knowledge and there’s nothing better than connecting with people who share our vision.

We’re inquisitive

Finding things out is just one of the things we do well. We love to be informed and the only way to find things out is to always be asking the right questions.

We’re people-focused

No matter what we’re doing, people come first. Whether investing in our staff or designing a community learning programme, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate fully.

We’re creative

There’s always more than one way of doing something. We might not always take the obvious route but we make new discoveries along the way to getting it done.