How we work

We design and deliver digital inclusion programs that create social impact. We raise awareness of the need to close the digital divide.

Good Things Foundation works in partnership to:

Build capacity and provide support to our network of community organisations and people with low digital skills

Create digital inclusion programs that are specialised and community-led

Advocate for those who are digitally excluded

Good Things Foundation Australia is a social change charity, helping people to improve their lives through digital. We work with partners in thousands of communities across Australia to support people at risk of being left behind in our online world.

We believe in the power of community organisations to create local, lasting change. Our team works hard to design community-based education programs, capacity build our community partners, and advocate to close the digital divide.

By working with our national network we create impact locally and at scale, reaching hundreds of thousands of people through our programs.

We build capacity in the community

  • Upskill digital mentors
  • Create high quality learning resources
  • Distribute grants to build capacity in community organisations
  • Telephone helpline

Digital mentors are critical to the success of community-based digital skills programs. They work with people in groups or one-on-one to provide a helping hand and step-by-step approach to learning something new. We support digital mentors in community organisations by providing training and professional development opportunities. We create ready to use resources and learning materials made available for free to members of our network, building capacity in community organisations.

An important part of our work building capacity in community organisations is distributing small grant funding. This financial contribution is important in enabling our community partners to reach those most at risk of being left behind.

Our grants often make the difference for these essential organisations to be able to offer digital inclusion programs, and have been used to buy devices and equipment, to pay staff or volunteer expenses, cover the cost of rent and venue hire, travel to learners and internet costs.

Through our small grant programs, we support our government, corporate and philanthropic partners to get funds out into the community where it can have an incredible impact.

We also run a telephone helpline to support community organisations and their digital mentors to deliver our programs, and connect people wanting to learn with support.

We create programs

  • Co-design programs with our network and partners
  • Survey and listen to our network to constantly improve our service offering

We work in consultation with our community and program partners to design effective programs that close the digital divide. We believe in co-designing with people with lived experience of delivering community-based programs, or who may benefit from them.

We regularly ask our network of community organisations for their feedback so we can tailor our support to meet their needs and evaluate our collective impact. Read more about the positive impact our programs are making on the ‘Our Impact’ page.

Learn more about our programs

  • One man showing another man a smartphone

    Be Connected

    Increasing the confidence, skills and online safety of older Australians, empowering everyone to use the internet and everyday technology to thrive in our digital world.

  • Person using laptop

    Health My Way

    Digital health literacy skills are critical to ensuring every Australian has the ability to make informed, confident choices when it comes to supporting their health and wellbeing online.

  • Older couple smiling and in a video call

    Get Online Week

    Our annual week-long campaign of digital inclusion.

We advocate for digital inclusion

  • Raise awareness of the digital divide and solutions available to close it
  • Share the voices and experiences of people who have experienced digital exclusion in our society

Through campaigns like Get Online Week, submissions to government consultations, creating resources and sharing real-life stories, we talk about the digital divide in Australia and solutions available to close it. In particular, we focus on the need for everyone to be skilled and confident to make the most of the opportunities available to stay connected and informed.