The LIFE initiative

Ensuring all families have the essential digital skills and access they need for life - work, school and fun.

We believe digital skills are for life.

That’s why we are partnering with community organisations, funders and researchers to support low income families to have the digital skills and affordable access they need to learn, work and connect online.

Our LIFE projects

Hand holding mobile phone showing wifi symbol

Upskilling with The Smith Family Working with The Smith Family, we're supporting volunteers and community workers to be successful digital mentors to families they support. We're providing digital skills support to parents and carers and connecting them with ongoing IT advice plus affordable devices and data.

3 key stats on digital inclusion

Researching best practice As a key member of the ARC Linkage Grant funded collaboration, we are working with researchers at QUT and community partners to understand how we can best support low income families to cross the digital divide. We will use this info to tailor our support to people needing a helping hand to get online confidently and safely.

Blueprint to close Australia's digital divide

Advocating for more support We believe everyone, no matter where they live or how old they are, should have access to effective, community-based support to learn essential digital skills. That’s why we’re advocating for our Be Connected program to be extended to reach adults of all ages.

The Digital Divide infographic

Raising awareness We're raising awareness of how the digital divide impacts low income families through our Digital Nation Australia report and infographic. We've compiled all the latest digital inclusion facts and stats so you don't have to.


Help us close the digital divide

We’re always looking for collaborative partners to help us to close the digital divide for all, for good. Talk to us today about how we can work together.