It's never too late to learn something new

17 Sep 2020

The Burdekin Community Association is delivering the Health My Way program to their community in Ayr, Queensland.

"We are fortunate to continue promoting Health My Way to support our community and to improve our elderly's digital health literacy skills," says Rita Quagliata, Service Coordinator at Burdekin Community Association.

Their sessions are most effective as one-on-one sessions and Rita's team has found a way to continue to safely provide support to their community.

"Health and safety are important to us so we have many safety measures in place, like having a clear screen between the tutor and learner."

The sessions have been extremely busy and are often booked out. One of their learners, Val, is 93 years of age (picture above) and says she doesn't let her age get in the way of learning new things.

"Val wants to learn anything that she possibly can. She wants to continue to have full control of her life, her health and to continue being independent," says Rita.

Val enjoys learning about managing her health online and is keen to keep her brain active.

Rita adds, "She is a regular with the same tutor every week. Val says the best thing in life is knowledge."

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