Health My Way

Health My Way is a Good Things Foundation program supported by the Australian Digital Health Agency.

An estimated 4 million people in Australia have limited digital skills and interest1, but 22 million Australians now have an online summary of their health information on My Health Record2.

Good Things Foundation believes that supporting people to learn essential digital health literacy skills is critical to ensuring every Australian has the ability to make informed, confident choices when it comes to supporting their health and wellbeing online. In a recent survey, 70% of our network of community organisations said they were interested in providing digital health literacy support to meet this need.

Health My Way is a national digital health literacy program delivered by community organisations in our Network to support people aged over 18 years to gain essential skills and confidence in managing their health and wellbeing online.

Stories from the network

Indochinese Elderly Refugees Association is running Health My Way to support their community's digital health literacy.

Prior to his Health My Way classes, Mr Lan wasn’t aware of the tools available to him. Now, Mr Lan is a strong advocate for taking control of his health online.

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Learning from our Digital Health Literacy Pilot

In July 2019, we initiated a small-scale Digital Health Literacy Pilot to understand how best to support community organisations to help people to learn these skills.

This involved funding 10 Network Partners in Sydney Metropolitan Area and Ballarat and surrounding regions, and 2 Specialist Partners, to:

  • test digital health literacy materials to ensure it meets the needs of the community;
  • train 25 Digital Health Mentors to directly support 200 people to learn basic digital health skills; and
  • engage 400 people through 12 community engagement events promoting digital health literacy.

Learnings from the Pilot were incorporated into the national program roll-out, including outcomes like creating new, tailored support resources for community organisations to use in their delivery.

Implementing Health My Way across the country

Community organisations across Australia have now joined the Health My Way program to support people to improve their digital health literacy.

Together with our community partners, by the end of 2020, Health My Way will see:

  • 140 Digital Health Mentors trained
  • 2,800 community members directly supported to see the relevance of digital health tools and build their skills and confidence in using them
  • 5,600 people engaged in the topic of digital health literacy through 70 community engagement events.

View the Health My Way resources.

The Health My Way project is running from January - November 2020.

1 Digital Inclusion: Report of Online Behaviours in Australia 2016 (Australia Post / BehaviourWorks)
2 My Health Record Statistics as of September 2019, Australian Digital Health Agency


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