Daybreak Digital Health Navigator project

Good Things Foundation Australia is collaborating across sectors to address the digital health divide.

We’re partnering with strategic design agency Today and the Consumers Health Forum of Australia to co-design, develop and pilot a scalable digital health literacy model.

The pandemic has seen many health services move online — from video consultations with GPs to digital COVID-19 vaccination certificates. With 1 in 4 Australians being digitally excluded (ADII 2021), people without the skills to confidently access online health services are at risk of being left behind.

Together with our partners, we’re answering the question:

“How do we empower Australians to increase their confidence and use of digital tools to manage their health?”

Our model suggests ‘Digital Health Navigators’ could be part of the solution, a new role creating stronger connections between healthcare professionals and consumers, and a key recommendation from our Expanding Digital Health Roundtables.

Through this project, we are working in consultation with consumers, health practitioners, academics, community organisations and primary health networks to make sure our model meets the needs of everyone — patients, carers and health professionals.

The Daybreak Digital Health Navigator project is currently in development. Follow our Twitter and LinkedIn and subscribe to our stakeholder newsletter for regular updates.

This pilot project is made possible through the Today Daybreak accelerator program and partnership with the Consumers Health Forum of Australia and Today.

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