About Good Things Foundation

Good Things Foundation has a vision of a world where everyone can benefit from digital. We established in Australia in June 2017 when we won a contract from the Department of Social Services to establish and support a network of local partners to help older Australians better use the internet. This network includes community organisations, public libraries, housing, local charities, and many more.

Good Things Foundation supports the network with a range of resources, online training, network events, dedicated network coordinators, an online forum, and a helpline. Good Things Foundation works with any partners, large and small, who would like to help build a social movement to support Australians by improving their lives online.

Our work in numbers

Globally we’ve supported 2m people gain digital skills since 2010

We reach these people through a national movement of 2,000 Network Partners

Through our Network we’ve recruited over 1,200 Digital Mentors to deliver digital skills training

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