Digital Nation Australia 2020

Published: 3rd Apr 2020

Good Things Foundation has brought together the latest research and evidence on the Australian digital inclusion landscape in Digital Nation Australia 2020.

Digital Nation Australia 2020 paints the picture of who is digitally excluded in Australia, the access, affordability and ability factors that impact levels of digital inclusion, and the strategies available to close the digital divide. It also highlights some of the benefits that digital inclusion can bring.

The image is of an Australian landscape, divided down the middle by a river. On the left-hand side are the Offline Nation statistics. On the right-hand side are the statistics for the Online Nation. Crossing the river are the factors that help people to bridge the digital divide. In the sky of the landscape are the approaches required to move to a digitally included country along with the ADII scores by state/territory on a map of Australia.

By better understanding the complex digital inclusion landscape in Australia, we can develop effective programs and initiatives that create a thriving digital nation and ensure no one is left behind.

This is our second Digital Nation Australia resource.

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