The digital gender divide

Digital skills and affordable access are important for women to participate equally in all aspects of society.

Supporting women to be digitally included supports our whole society to be more equal, inclusive and better off.

Australian women are more digitally excluded than men. Globally, men are 21% more likely to be online than women. Women and girls not having equal access and participation online as men is being called the ‘digital gender divide’.

This means that Australian women on low incomes, unpaid carers, women with disability, First Nations women and older women are more likely to have lower skills, confidence, and affordable access to the internet.

Women in Australia are more likely than men to report online abuse in their professional and personal lives, which can lead to lower rates of online participation. Women are also less likely to be employed in our growing tech workforce, and more likely to take career breaks to care for family, which can see digital skills development stall and confidence decrease.

What we're doing

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09/02/2022 · Announcements | Research and reports

Federal Pre-Budget Submission 2022/2023

We have four key recommendations for the Australian Government to address in the 22/23 Federal Budget.


Our network

Our Network is our strength. More than 3,500 passionate community partners across Australia engage people with community-based learning, offering digital skills as part of a package of support based on an individual’s need.


Impact stories & Insights

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    Time to close Australia’s digital gender divide

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    Learning digital skills for life

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  • On the right, an image of Mama Fe helping a learner. On the top left the Get Online Week 2021 logo. On the left heading: Mama Fe. Below in quotation marks: “I would like to inspire people to be online. They don't have to be scared. They won't regret being online."

    19/10/2021 · Announcements

    Mama Fe Gillies – Get Online Week 2021

    After discovering the benefits of getting online through local support, Mama Fe is now helping others to get the most of life using the internet.


Digital Nation 2021

Digital Nation Australia 2021 brings together the latest research and insights from government, community and academia to help build understanding of the digital inclusion landscape in Australia and inform initiatives that could close the digital divide for all.