Digital Sisters initiative

We're building a community of Digital Sisters to close the divide for women.

Supporting women to be safely, confidently and affordably online helps our whole society to benefit from technology.

That’s why we are partnering with community organisations, funders and advocates to empower women to build digital skills, confidence and connections in the Australian community. 

Our Digital Sisters initiatives

Four young diverse women illustration

Supporting migrant & refugee women We've partnered with HOST International and our network to support refugee and migrant women build digital skills, confidence and connections in the Australian community. This project is made possible due to the support of the Australian Government.

Blueprint to close Australia's digital divide

Advocating for more support We believe everyone, no matter where they live or how old they are, should have access to effective, community-based support to learn essential digital skills. That’s why we’re advocating for tailored programs to be extended to support more women.

The Digital Divide infographic

Raising awareness We're raising awareness of how the digital divide impacts women through our Digital Nation Australia report and infographic. We've compiled all the latest digital inclusion facts and stats so you don't have to.

Woman smiling using a laptop.

Educating on the digital gender divide Did you know globally women are more digitally excluded than men? Australian women on low incomes, unpaid carers, women with disability, First Nations women and older women are more likely to have lower skills, confidence, and affordable access to the internet.

It’s not just our Digital Sisters initiative helping women get online.

Watch our video to learn about how our leading Be Connected project is supporting older women connect with their community and loved ones through technology.


Learn new digital skills

Get support to learn new digital skills that help you to get online.